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Keeping your patrons happy is top priority when managing a venue.
We enable you to concentrate on maximising profit while delivering an amazing experience for your diners, drinkers and revellers.

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There's a good chance you're already familiar with our Hospitality Point of Sale Systems

All across New Zealand, Cafés, High-brow Restaurants, Fast-food joints, Bakeries, Bars, Clubs, Pubs and Food Trucks use Eftpos Warehouse POS systems to keep their businesses moving.

For Café‎s

Give your customers their caffeine fix faster than ever before with features designed for the high demands of café‎ service.

Remote management
You probably don’t want to be in store every single time you add something to the menu. With remote management, you can update your menu and prices from anywhere.

Intelligent reporting
With every transaction, you generate a wealth of information about your business. Access it through a rich collection of reports ranging from your top selling products, to staff performance.

Print anywhere
Print coffee orders at the coffee counter, and sandwiches in the kitchen. It only makes sense to print orders where they’ll be made, so the right staff can get started straight away.

For Restaurants

Streamline the ordering process from table to kitchen. Your front of house staff and chefs will love you for it!

Advanced table map
Nobody likes awkwardly waving to waiters for their order to be taken. Our intelligent table map alerts staff when a table has been waiting to order.

Pay at table
Avoid having a queue build up in front of your payment counter and enable your customers to pay at their table, whether by cash, EFTPOS or credit card.

Smart split payments
Our software supports a variety of split payment options, including dividing a bill equally, splitting up a bill according to portion, or each item individually.

For Bars, Pubs & Clubs

Give your bar staff more time to perfect that summer cocktail, and less headaches managing a confusing POS system.

Easy stock tracking
Track bar stock across multiple areas and locations with full inventory management, comprehensive stock auditing and efficient stocktaking and stock adjustment.

Integrated loyalty
Keep your customers coming back again and again! Our loyalty module enables you to reward your customers by allowing them to earn points every time they spend money at your bar.

Advanced staff management
Staff can logon with swipe cards, login codes or silicon based wrist bands. Time and attendance stats let you know your labour costs at the end of each shift.

For Quick Service Restaurants

When speed is the name of the game, use our clever QSR POS solutions to get food in front of your hungry customers, faster.

Simple order entry
The simple interface makes it so quick and easy to take orders on the go. Change quantities, add modifiers, and make it a meal in just a few taps on your POS system.

Kitchen Display Screen
Streamline your order and food preparation processes with our handy Kitchen Display Screen. Not only does it eliminate the use of paper in your kitchens, it has the ability to group identical items so that your staff will be able to prepare them at the same time.

Multiple POS Terminals
Got a bunch of POS terminals? No problem! Multi-lane support ensures that all terminals are working in sync, even without a server. This minimises down time, which means more profits.

For Food Trucks & Coffee Vans

Food trucks have a tendency to attract customers in waves, so it’s essential to have a POS that can keep up with the queue.

Fast payment
Clicking back and forth takes precious seconds away from your operations. Take advantage of hot keys and programme specific promotion keys to speed up service delivery. We know that every second counts for a hungry customer waiting in line.

Minimal hardware
Our POS systems takes up minimal counter space, giving you the freedom to prepare your food without worrying about bulky machines and wires everywhere!

Offline transactions
Don’t be left stranded without internet. You can still take orders and payments even if you lose internet connection! You won’t lose any sales information, either.

Choose your POS type

Select from a range of different hardware options. Whatever your industry, we are sure to have seen something similar before and can recommend an appropriate solution for your needs.
Up & Running in Minutes

Our on-site point of sale training programs are customised specifically for you and your team to ensure a seamless transition.

Mobile your Venue

Operate touch screen POS PCs, as well as tablets, enabling you to mobilise your floor staff. If you run a larger venue, our solutions are totally scalable to your needs.


With 15 supported languages, we cater for multilingual needs. Popular with our Chinese and Korean speaking customers!

Super Sales Analysis

Generate detailed sales reports that not only identify your best selling items, but record margins and measure the effectiveness of your pricing.

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Choose from our popular bundles or customise your own business tech package.
Hospitality Connect
/ Per week
Everything in Hospitality-honed Bundle
UFB/VDSL Broadband Internet (Unlimited Data)
VoIP Phone Line (Unlimited Local/National Minutes)
Countertop or Portable VoIP Handset
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Hospitality-honed Bundle
/ Per week
15" Touch Screen POS System
Hospitality Software
(Cloud or On-Premise)
Cash Drawer & Receipt Printer
Countertop EFTPOS Terminal
Free Setup, Installation, Training & Support
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Hospitality Protect
/ Per week
Everything in Hospitality-honed Bundle
4 Channel NVR System
4x Vandal-proof HD Dome Cameras
Smartphone & Desktop
Monitoring Apps
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Build a custom POS bundle for your business

Customise your own Business Technology Package and get exactly what you need for an easy monthly cost. Questions? No problem. Give us a call on 0800 222 068.

Before you talk with us, listen to them

Our clients come from a range of industries and have faced a variety of challenges that we've solved. If you’d like to speak with an Eftpos Warehouse client who can relate to your specific situation, we can arrange it. In fact, we encourage it.
We really appreciate your expertise in helping us overhaul the Point of Sale systems in our Café and Espresso bar. You have listened to our challenges and delivered outstanding service and support time and time again!
Phillip Smith Pavilion Kitchen, Vero Centre Auckland

Whether your decision is based on price, functionality or after-sales support - we back ourselves to win on all fronts.

We’re not oblivious, and know we exist within a competitive industry and with that, comes choice. But we firmly believe Eftpos Warehouse to be the best one.
Solutions for any Situation

We make it manageable for the owner of a small café through to a multi-franchise restaurateur, to equip themselves with the best.

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Show us a competing quote and we’ll do our best to beat it. We may not always be beaten to the bottom – we won't cut corners – but will always compete.

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