We’re here to help

In these challenging business conditions, we understand you may be experiencing cash flow issues due to reduced income. If you’re finding things tough and are struggling to see how you can make repayments, the sooner you talk to us the better. We’ll discuss your circumstances to understand what options are available to help improve your situation.
If you think you may miss a payment, please complete the below form or call our customer care team on 0800 753 273 as soon as possible.
Please also be aware of the government’s recently announced business support package and how this may help you meet your obligations.
We are currently experiencing a high volume of support requests and this may impact our response times.
  • How has COVID-19 affected your business? (e.g. reduced trading hours, cash flow, inability to pay suppliers etc.)
  • Use your best estimate. We are aware that there is no firm end date on the government's Stage 4 COVID-19 alert level (lockdown) as yet.
  • To demonstrate that your business is experiencing financial difficulty, we may ask you to provide evidence that supports your claim. If you can upload this now, we will be able to process your request faster. Evidence could include: a current bank notice, an eviction notice, a disconnection notice, a repossession notice, a notice of impending legal action, staff pay records, contract payment schedules or legal documents.
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