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Wherever and whenever you need to accept EFTPOS payments, we make it as easy as possible. Book your terminal online and start transacting in no time at all!

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Trusted by big guys and little guys alike

You'll find our Short-term EFTPOS solutions in major stadiums, event spaces and theatres. But head down to your local Sunday market and you'll be sure to find us there, too!
Book Online or call our Short-Term Team on 0800 22 068

Simplest Booking Process in NZ

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    Book Online

    Complete our easy online booking process in less than 5 minutes. Grab a Mobile, WiFi or Fixed-line terminal for a day, a week, a month or longer. Your EFTPOS terminal(s) will arrive a couple of days before your scheduled event via tracked Courier.

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    Accept EFTPOS Payments

    Fully charged, pre-configured and ready to transact; simply turn on the machine and you're ready to go! A quick 'how to' guide is provided, and if you have any problems, we're only a phone call away.

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    Finish up and send back

    The day after your event, simply place the EFTPOS terminal (and all chargers/accessories provided) into the return courier bag, and schedule a courier pickup at your convenience.

Peak Sales Periods

Extra EFTPOS terminals can reduce the stress on staff during peak sales periods; ensuring customers receive efficient service and aren't deterred by long lines.

Seasonal Solution

Only need EFTPOS for a few months a year during ski season? Roadside fruit seller during Summer? We can organise EFTPOS for the exact times you need it.

Events & Trade Shows

Kiwis love EFTPOS! Increase sales by offering EFTPOS at your next event. See the difference it can have on daily takings.

Pop-up Stalls

Super convenient when you only need to accept payments for a week or two and don't want to purchase an EFTPOS terminal or be locked into a long-term contract.

Answers to commonly asked questions

Hopefully we've cleared things up, but if we haven't answered anything below, please feel free to give our Short-term Team a call on 0800 222 068.

1. What is a Merchant ID and do I need one?

A Merchant ID allows transactions processed by an Eftpos terminal to be paid directly into a bank account. When renting a short-term solution, you can either use your own Merchant ID, or use one of ours (for a $30 administration fee).

If you plan to rent Eftpos often and would like to set up your own Merchant ID, please contact your bank’s Merchant Services department. This process can take up to 2 weeks and usually costs approx. $50-100 (depending on your bank)

2. When & how do I receive the EFTPOS machine?

Your EFTPOS Machine will be sent by courier (unless you opt to collect it from our Auckland office) and arrive a day or two ahead of your scheduled event. We do this to ensure that you still receive it on time even if there is a courier delay.

3. How do I use the EFTPOS Machine?

Don’t worry – they are super easy to use and a full guide is provided. If you have any trouble, our team are always available to help on 0800 222 068 or [email protected].

4. How do I return the EFTPOS machine after my event?

When you recieve the EFTPOS machine, it will arrive with a return courier bag. Simply place the machine/charger/accessories in this return bag and call the courier company for collection at your convenience.

5. How do I receive my funds?

If using your own Merchant ID, funds will be paid into your bank account overnight. When you use an Eftpos Warehouse Merchant ID, all transactions that you process will be paid into our secure holding account. Once you return the terminal/s to us, we will transfer all funds to your nominated bank account within 5 working days with a detailed transaction report.

6. Can I accept Credit & Debit Cards?

If you wish to accept credit cards, you will need your own Merchant ID. If using our Merchant ID, you will only be able to accept debit card transactions.

Increase the Average Spend

Customers are much more likely to spend more when given the opportunity to pay with EFTPOS or Credit Card.

Sell at Temporary Locations

Our EFTPOS machines use the latest in wireless technology. If you have cell phone coverage, odds are that you're good to go!

No Fixed Contracts

Hire EFTPOS for as long as you like - 1 day to a few months. The longer you need it for, the cheaper the daily cost will be. Easy!

Proudly supporting the absolute legends of our community!

Non Profit? You're eligible for our preferential rates. We love helping do-gooders, do good!
The team at Eftpos Warehouse were great in helping us set up with our short-term Eftpos solution; everything went so quickly and seamlessly. They even have 24 hour support which was very reassuring. We’d definitely use them again.
Melanie Ion Melanoma Foundation of New Zealand

Whether your decision is based on price, functionality or after-sales support - we back ourselves to win on all fronts.

We’re not oblivious, and know we exist within a competitive industry and with that, comes choice. But we firmly believe Eftpos Warehouse to be the best one.
Solutions for any Situation

We make it manageable for the owner of a small café through to a multi-franchise restaurateur, to equip themselves with the best.

Price Beat

Show us a competing quote and we’ll do our best to beat it. We may not always be beaten to the bottom – we won't cut corners – but will always compete.

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