Keep an eye on your business from almost anywhere, with the latest in surveillance technology.

Fully Integrated & Monitored Business CCTV solutions with Free Installation & Support, New Zealand-wide.

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Surveillance Solutions
for Any Situation

Choosing the correct camera technology and placement is key to an effective CCTV strategy.

In partnership with our sister company, Ironman Security, we enable you to build a tailored CCTV system from a number different camera types; choose from WiFi, Dome, Bullet, Pan/Tilt/Zoom, Multi-adjustable Views, 360° Fisheye, 180° Panorama, Nightvision, Thermal or License Plate Recognition.

All cameras can be controlled and monitored from a central DVR system or remotely via smartphone/desktop app or our Control Centre.

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Make the most of our Weekly CCTV Deals

A small price to pay for Complete Peace of Mind. Looking for a Customised Deal? Just Ask!
2 Camera CCTV
/ Per week
4 Channel NVR System
2x Vandal-proof HD Dome Cameras
Smartphone Monitoring App
Free Setup & Installation
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Alarm + CCTV + Monitoring
/ Per week
Ironman Touch Alarm Control Panel
2x Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR)
Ironman Alarm Monitoring (1 Zone)
4 Channel NVR System
2x Vandal-proof HD Dome Cameras
Smartphone Monitoring App
Free Setup & Installation
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4 Camera CCTV
/ Per week
4 Channel NVR System
4x Vandal-proof HD Dome Cameras
Smartphone Monitoring App
Free Setup & Installation
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Feature-packed Camera Tech

Keep track of Staff, Stock or Vehicles from wherever, whenever

Event Recording

Set your CCTV system to automatically record when an alarm or other signal is received, or when motion is detected in a designated area of your premises.

Video Analytics

Automatically generate alerts for events such as vehicles stopped in no-parking zones, people in restricted areas, and loitering.

Anywhere Access

At work, home, or on the go, access live camera feeds on your smartphone. Push notifications will inform you when an event occurs.

Email Alerts

Like mobile alerts, set up email notifications so you are aware of what is going on at all times. Customise alerts to your requirements.

Multiple Locations

Record footage from different store locations and access it from a single, centrally managed platform. As your business grows, easily add more cameras and zones.

Day & Night

Easily detect intruders no matter the time of day. Light conditions such as shadows, backlight and darkness are no problem for our range of cameras.

Free Business Security Audit

Book a Free Site Audit and receive a no-obligation security plan for your business
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    We Come to You

    As much as we love chatting on the phone, it’s always best to get one of our security consultants on-site to assess your requirements head-on.

    We can discuss hypothetical pricing, sure, but due to the many factors involved in designing, installing and monitoring a robust security solution, we need to know the area we’re working with.

  • 2

    We Map Out your Site

    One of our eagle-eyed security consultants will scope out the area you’re wanting to secure, and assess the best placements for cameras and sensors.

    We’ve been doing this a long time and can accurately predict what criminals will do and how to remain one step ahead of their every move. We use that knowledge to your advantage.

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    We Draw up a Security Plan

    Whether your decision is based on price, locality, after-sales support, monitoring response time - we back ourselves to win on all aspects.

    After assessing your requirements, we’ll send through a totally no-obligation security plan. This is free for you to use however you feel necessary - whether you decide to go with us or not.

So, why choose us for business CCTV?

We are backed by industry veterans – people who have spent their entire careers in the security industry – who know what’s needed to ensure you get the service you require. We’re big enough to offer industry-leading prices, but still flexible enough to provide the down-to-earth, hands-on service that our clients enjoy.
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We deliver enduring Solutions, not Products (or dodgy kitsets)

We understand that designing and installing a surveillance system is much more than just hanging cameras. CCTV certainly isn’t a one-size-fits-all job.
  • Our experienced team will evaluate your property to find security weaknesses, understand traffic flow, tackle lighting challenges, and determine the best equipment to ensure maximum coverage.
  • We make sure each and every client gets the undivided attention and high-level work they deserve. If you’re too busy to deal with anyone other than senior-level people, you’ll love working with us.

Cost isn't the Elephant in the Room

We understand making every dollar count and won’t sell you a solution that’s beyond your needs. Future-proofing is one thing; pitching you something you clearly don’t need is another. We won’t throw speculative pricing your way – that’s a promise.
  • Eftpos Warehouse enables you to make easy and flexible monthly rental payments, rather than purchasing an expensive system outright; freeing up capital that can be better spent elsewhere.
  • We’re artists in designing robust security systems and response plans, not pricing gouging. We’ll work with you to identify what’s essential now to get your best bang for buck, and what you can build up to over time.

Take the guess work out of figuring out what caused an alarm. In real time.

Transform your CCTV cameras into intelligent motion detectors, capable of sending live video feeds to our Control Centre any time specific events are detected.
  • In a matter of seconds, our expertly trained monitoring team access your live camera feeds; inspecting your site in real-time to either confirm the presence of an intruder on-site, or a false alarm.
  • If a threat is verified, our Ironman First Response Team is dispatched to your site, immediately, in addition to Police being alerted of an in-progress security breach.

Intelligent Mobile Monitoring App

Monitor your business from afar and receive instant intrusion alerts

Instant Activity Alerts

Be informed instantly when pre-programmed events happen (such as someone loitering in a restricted area).

Multiple Sets of Eyes

Share your video stream with up to 4 people for simultaneous viewing.

Secure Cloud Hosting

Powered by AWS hosted servers, securely access your video feeds any time, any place.

Multiple Layouts

With 1x2, 2x3 and 3x4 layout options, you can select the best view layout for your situation.

Timeline Playback

Simply drag the timeline directly to select your desired playback time.

Virtual Joystick

Tap, pinch and drag to control pan, tracking and zoom functions in real-time on compatible cameras.

Need a Specialised Solution?

No matter the requirements of your business, we can design a completely bespoke solution unique to you. Integrate with existing systems, receive analytics reports, monitor yourself or have us do the heavy lifting. The possibilities are practically limitless.
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Automatically keep track of vehicles entering and exiting your premises

Our NPR cameras capture clear license plate images for reliable recognition, in both the highest levels of glare, and in the darkest hours of the night.
  • Receive automated emails if a number plate on your blacklist is tagged.
  • Capture clear plate images from vehicles moving at speeds up to 90km/h.
  • Save number plates to a searchable database for playback and export, and search by full plate or partial plate data.

Protect your Site and Personnel from the Worst Case Scenario

Buck the growing trend of tool and material theft from construction sites, keep an eye on staff and contractors, and share construction progress.
  • Use CCTV as a deterrent to would-be thieves, and make insurance claims easy by providing video evidence of theft.
  • Use footage in the event of a workplace accident to map out what went wrong, how to avoid reoccurrence and liability claims.
  • Our solar powered cameras can transmit data via cellular network to our Control Centre. In the event of an after-hours site intrusion, have our First Response team dispatched immediately.
  • Share build progress with all key parties (engineers, architects, clients & other stakeholders) via a live web stream.

Use Surveillance Intelligence to optimise operations and increase profitability

Mounted over your store entrance and armed with 3D Depth Technology, access real-time precise tracking video and high accuracy counting up to 98%.
  • With accurate real-time data, easily estimate in-store traffic, enhance staff management, evaluate the effectiveness of promotions and marketing events, and more.
  • Key metrics can be displayed in comprehensive graphs and line charts. Utilise data to make operational decisions and increase ROI.

Before you talk with us, listen to them

Our clients come from a range of industries and have faced a variety of challenges that we've solved. If you’d like to speak with an Eftpos Warehouse client who can relate to your specific situation, we can arrange it. In fact, we encourage it.

Whether your decision is based on price, functionality or after-sales support - we back ourselves to win on all fronts.

We’re not oblivious, and know we exist within a competitive industry and with that, comes choice. But we firmly believe Eftpos Warehouse to be the best one.
Solutions for any Situation

We make it manageable for the owner of a small café through to a multi-franchise store owner, to equip themselves with the best.

Price Beat

Show us a competing quote and we’ll do our best to beat it. We may not always be beaten to the bottom – we won't cut corners – but will always compete.

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